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Mission Adamspace Bio

Become the best biotech enterprise in Kazakhstan in the field of production

organic functional food and cosmetics based innovation.

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ApamSpace Bio production building

Kazakh enterpriseAdamspace Bio LLPis a modern biotechnology company established in 2021. Adamspace Bio LLP produces and brings to international markets and to provide Kazakhstan itself with organic products to protect immunity (based on the Patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 6335).Patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 6335- this is the production of food ingredients with immunomodulatory properties, based on organic raw materials, used as a food additive in the preparation of the widest range of functional products and for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.Patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 6335is intended for use in the food industry, in the technology of production of functional food products (targeted action: for baby food, for athletes, diet lines, vegetarian products, food products for the protection and maintenance of immunity and health, prevention and rehabilitation of a person during a period of being in difficult conditions work or unfavorable places of residence). An organic food ingredient based on humic substances, when added to the composition (recipe) of food products, ensures the full functioning of the human microbiome, enhances human immunity and antiviral protection.

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