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Farhad Omarov

Farhad Omarov with  Fermented humic products of AdamSpace Bio


1. Today is 2023… and the world is getting to know each other with the new FoodTech market.

After all, the Adamspace Bio project is exactly that, isn't it?

 - Farhad- yes .. + 3 drivers that are all keep in mind:

A - food.

Feed the growing population of the Earth become traditional ways problem. Big problem!

B- Pandemic and ecology.

The destructive influence of traditional agricultural production on environment. Monstrous Consequences drugs such as GLYPHOSAT! And now - FoodTech is a search for healthy alternatives for the planet. And the pandemic simply slammed the immune system with all sorts of vaccines… some kind of barracks regulations grew out of the human health program. Today it is also necessary to nourish the human microbiome, with which the levers of immunity are directly connected.

C - Human health. There are too many compromises the food industry has to make just to feed people. We need bread, meat, milk, salt at last! And the foundation of human life - the agro-industry - uses something that has little to do with health, these are pesticides, antibiotics, synthetic synthesizers, growth hormones, GMOs and many other monstrous things. And just like mushrooms after rain, health problems grow due to malnutrition.


2. Where is Adamspace Bio?

- Farhad- Well, let's say - it's not seret. Our place is now in Kazakhstan. And today we are number 1 in the functional biotech of Kazakhstan.

This is Next-Gen Food and Drinks - Food and drinks of a new generation. That is, the food that is healthy and forms the human immune system. These are processes and innovations to create new types of food and beverages. Fermented foods and nutritional supplements. These are functional ingredients! In terms of the development of our project - the creation of an international joint-stock company with the attraction of investments from the "green sector of biotechnology". We are already conducting intensive communication on the possibilities of exporting Adamspace Bio products to Asia, the USA, European countries, England and, of course, to the Arab markets.  We at Adamspace Bio literally design functional foods with targeted health benefits. And just do not think that we print it on some 3D printers. I’ll tell you a secret - we don’t have such a miracle of 3D printers at our factory. But there is a powerful natural ferment shop. And we have an army of probiotics working for the benefit of man, a powerful fermentation process is underway .. 


3. Will tomorrow come soon? 

- Farhad- it's already here! FoodTech is a promising sector that is attracting growing interest from investors. Innovation and technology will play an important role in the food of tomorrow. Now most of the trends are associated with technologies for creating innovative food products (for example, plant-based meat or milk, products that help restore the microbiota). The human microbiome is on the agenda today. Terrible upheavals of humanity and challenges such as the Covid-19 Pandemic bring the “Human Microbiome” to the agenda. It is in it that many keys of immunity, the duration of human life. And most importantly - the quality of his life. Today, even a schoolchild knows about the need to somehow remove or simply reduce the destructive changes that occur in the world around us from the negative impact of human civilization itself. Let's just take the ecology of modern cities - gas pollution, carcinogenic emissions from plants and factories, pesticides and pesticides. This is a shock to the environment. And the waste of industrial animal husbandry, which already poses a danger   with an exorbitant concentration of feed antibiotics and synthetic hormones. And the problem of recycling plastic packaging.


4. In light of your development strategy for future generations? 

What will you say to the youth, to your children?

- Farhad– future generations of biotechnologists are already working in the Adamspace Bio project! The main staff is the youth of Kazakhstan. Today they are technologists and operators. Tomorrow they are the “top specialists” of the biotechnological market of our country. Tomorrow FoodTech Kazakhstan will be what we are building today. + we have already started projects today that will be made public by the end of 2023. FoodTech is a priori high science intensity. We need to be able to not only be friends with scientists ... it is time to understand them. And now, in order to live with dignity, we must create new centers of power together, that is, the factories of the future. These are really global challenges for us! Today there is a foundation for this - the availability of technological solutions. We see how biochemistry is intertwined with robotics, and the construction of neural networks is already some kind of routine ...

And yes, it would seem that purely consumer trends, which are ensured by effective demand for products with high added value, are today determined by market trends. These are products for anti-ageing, products “useful and healthy”, organic, functional … and even some smart preparations of “smart nutrition” and “bio-hacking”. Therefore, I will simply say to young people - you yourself are already able to regulate and create your diet - moreover, it is useful and conserves the nature of our Earth.


5. What would you say is the main difference between the Adamspace Bio project and others? Here in Kazakhstan?

- Farhad– our most significant difference from everyone in the local market is the understanding of the value and mission of our products. And the number 1 value of the Adamspace Bio project is a person! My guys are the main capital. Their soul, hands and mood - this is the secret that we are number 1 in Kazakhstan. And only then is the fact that we are a biotechnological factory that has a valid European patent, Patents of Kazakhstan, patents of Turkey. We have been internationally audited and certified by the Czech food safety regulator ISO 22000. Adamspace Bio pays great attention to quality management, as this sets us apart from the rest. Our main motto is: “Maintain healthy and fruitful relationships with our clients. We are committed to using the latest technologies and methodologies in our manufacturing process.” We guarantee that we will win the trust of customers in Kazakhstan and in the world through quality and quick response. We have an open position in the market. We are not an underground workshop. We have a policy of open information about our technologies. The mission is to give our country functional healthy products that protect the immune system.

For Kazakhstan, FoodTech is still exotic! Bio-jungle of the 21st century. But let's be honest - so far ... many people already see - new opportunities are opening up. The competitiveness of countries today is the conservation of biodiversity, alternative energies, organic standards in agricultural technologies. And all without exception. This is the production of meat, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, grains, processing. Almost every iron talks about innovations in Kazakhstan…

But there are also certain results. And Adamspace Bio is a concrete example of this, since we are not inferior, and in some positions we are clearly superior to similar companies from Europe and the USA.

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